The Shelter Box


Shelter - Mini house – Preppers - Contractors office - Camping
Shelter - Mini house – Preppers - Contractors office - Camping
Shelter - Mini house – Preppers - Contractors office - Camping
Shelter - Mini house – Preppers - Contractors office - Camping
Shelter - Mini house – Preppers - Contractors office - Camping
Trailer - Shelter - Mini house – Preppers - Contractors office - Camping

The Shelter Box


This is “The Shelter Box”

This is a versatile shelter that is good for any climate, extreme heat or extreme cold, high winds, snow storms and torrential rains. It has solid 2×4 construction with our patent pending combination of wood, insulation and diamond plate aluminum. The roof is a 0 pitch E.P.D.M. rubber roof. Which makes it low for travel without letting in any moisture. This 8×12 box was originally built for construction sites in the Northeast United States. The person who came up with this idea works construction when It can be -10 degrees it’s not much fun to take a lunch break, but with this shelter the men and women can go inside warm up next to the electric heater, put something in the microwave like a bowl of soup. When it’s time to look at plans it has a nice wide platform that can used as a work bench as well. It also has 2 fold up benches, which can be fitted with cushions to sleep on.

Mounted to the roof of this box are two 9-watt solar panels. Which can run this shelter through deep cycle marine batteries and a 6000-watt inverter. The Shelter Box can be removed off of the trailer using the hydraulic tip option on the trailer and with a push of a button the box can be winched off the trailer.

The winch of course has its holding place in the front of the trailer and slides into a normal truck hitch receiver and with one pin a winch is mounted. We’ve come up with an ingenious way of getting the box off the trailer when needed by simple placing a snatch block at the back end of the trailer, this is attached with a shackle, the winch cable is drawn out to the snatch block and returning to itself.

This can be great for several reasons, one being now you have a shelter and a flatbed trailer to use, secondly, a small company of builders or a very large mining company can have one or 100 of these shelters depending on the businesses need. If you’re thinking about preparing for the worst this box and trailer can be backed into a cargo container and buried, or leave it up to your imagination to prepare for the worst. Since you can haul this trailer with a normal truck it makes it easy to drive it anywhere you need to go and we can ship it to you wherever you are. With or without the trailer. Whether it goes on a barge destined for Alaska or tractor trailer truck headed for Texas. This box is nicknamed the Hotbox in cold conditions and the Coldbox in very hot conditions. Its insulated so well that a small air conditioning unit makes it nice and cool.

This box can be hauled behind almost any pickup truck and can be sold with this 20’ aluminum flatbed heavy duty trailer. The front of the trailer has two diamond plate boxes, one holds a 10,000-lb. winch and batteries, the other one houses a small generator and more batteries.

Buy your fleet of Shelter Boxes today!

Sizes available range from 8×12 to 8×20, these are standard sizes and layouts, we have more custom models coming out soon.

  1. 8×12 $6,999.00 Base Model
  2. 8×14 $8,999.00 Base Model
  3. 8×16 $10,999.00 Base Model
  4. 8×18 $12,999.00 Base Model
  5. 8×20 $14,999.00 Base Model


  • Trailer Price $12,999.00
  • Winch Price $1,100.00 (Warn Winch)
  • Diamond Plate Boxes $600.00 each
  • Batteries $125.00 each (deep cycle marine)
  • Generator $1,400.00 (2000 Watts)


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Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in